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Book Proposal Guidelines

Do you have a can’t-miss idea for new book? Our acquisitions team invites you to share your proposal with us.

We are currently seeking new manuscripts in the following areas:

If you would like to submit a proposal for a book idea in one of the above topic areas, here are the items we will need to begin our publication approval process. The more detail you can provide to acquaint us with the aim, scope, content and market for your book idea, the better. We look forward to hearing from you, and for the opportunity to work with you in the future.


  • Provide a working title for the proposed book.

Brief Synopsis

  • In 200-300 words, describe briefly the aims and scope of the proposed book.
  • Include what the book hopes to accomplish, the level of the content (undergraduate, graduate, professional, etc.), your motivation for writing, and what gaps in the literature the book will fill.
  • Explain who the target audience(s) will be and why the book will be attractive to that audience.
  • Discuss any unique angles or content the book will contain which will help it stand out in the marketplace.
  • In short, help us understand why the proposed audience needs this book and why it will be a success.

Detailed Table of Contents

  • Provide a complete outline of the contents of the proposed book beginning with chapter titles.
  • Include a sentence or two, or bullet points, under each chapter describing what the chapter will contain.

Author/Editor Profile

  • Provide your credentials including a CV for the lead author(s)/editor(s).
  • Let us know if the book will have a single author, multiple authors, or be an edited volume with contributors. If the latter, we will only need CVs for the lead authors. We do not need a complete list of contributors at this point.

Market Profile

  • Elaborate on the proposed audiences for your book, mentioning the primary audience as well as any secondary or tertiary audiences.
  • Discuss any current trends that will motivate your target audience(s) to purchase the proposed book.
  • List a few similar, competing, and complementary books and explain how your book will differ from them.

Your Vision of the Book

  • Give us an idea of the extent and format you envision for the proposed book, including:
    • Approximate finished page count
    • Approximate number of photos, figures and tables
    • Black and white or color interior
    • Trim size (eg. 6” x 9”, 7” x 10”, 8.5” x 11”, etc.)
    • Hardcover or paperback
    • Approximate price range

Supplemental Materials

  • Describe the supplemental materials (if any) that will accompany your book, such as: instructor’s manual, powerpoints, test bank, video content, etc.

Project Status

  • Provide the current status of the manuscript. Include an rough date for the completion of the manuscript and submission to SLACK.

Sample Chapter (optional)

  • If the work is complete or partially written, please include a sample chapter.


Meet our Acquisitions Team:

bc.jpgBrien Cummings
Senior Acquisitions Editor

Publication areas: Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, Speech, Language, and Hearing

Brien Cummings is a dedicated and driven publishing professional. In his role as Senior Acquisitions Editor, Brien is focused on the creation, development, and acquisition of new educational resources. Brien currently manages the Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, and Speech, Language, and Hearing product lines for Slack Incorporated.

“I value my relationships over all else. My number one goal is supporting authors. I want the book development and publishing process to be enjoyable and achievable.” 

Throughout the last 16 years, Brien has collaborated with authors, contributors, reviewers, and industry colleagues to bring the highest-quality books to the market.  If you have a book idea or would like to get involved in our publishing process, Brien wants to hear about it. 

When Brien is not brainstorming about new projects and trying to find the next bestseller, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife, dog, and twin boys.


ts.jpgTony Schiavo
Senior Acquisitions Editor

Publication areas: Special Education, Physical Therapy, Ophthalmology & Ophthalmic Tech

With over 25 years of experience working in all areas of publishing—from big-picture content acquisition to the nitty-gritty of digital production and marketing analytics—Tony brings a wealth of knowledge to the table to complement a lifelong interest in book publishing. When speaking to first-time authors, he often encourages them to write where their passion is, hinting that an idea for a great textbook is often sparked when a potential author looks at the existing resources and says, “I can do this better.”

In his areas of acquisition, Tony is currently focusing on ramping up SLACK’s textbook program for Special Education teacher preparation, filling out our textbook offerings for students in Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant education programs, and acquiring new atlases and professional books for Ophthalmologists.

A graduate of Boston College, Tony enjoys studying history, writing, hiking, and spending time with his wife, six children, and extended family.


jd.jpgJulia Dolinger
Acquisitions Editor

Publication areas: Nursing, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Orthopedics

Julia has been working in book acquisitions for 5 years, but derives her interest from a lifelong love of books. An English literature graduate of Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA and the daughter of a Nurse Practitioner, Julia is fascinated by the intersection of knowledge and communications to improve and inform healthcare. Through experiences in journalism, public education, and academic research she has gained expertise in honing author ideas to best reach their intended clinical audience. When not in the office, Julia enjoys exploring her home city of Philadelphia, volunteering for the Society for Scholarly Publishing where she helps to produce The Scholarly Kitchen’s Early Career Podcast, and taking trips down the shore.

In her areas of acquisitions, Julia is currently focusing on developing SLACK’s nursing book publishing program, building on SLACK’s storied 50+ year history in Nursing Education, Psychosocial, and Gerontological journals. She also fills out our offerings for clinicians, residents, and fellows for Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Orthopedics, looking lately at quick-reference handbooks and high-yield pocket guides. 


To view our brochure on writing a book with SLACK Incorporated, click here.


"The professionals at SLACK are without a doubt the very best in the publishing business… From my experience working with different publishing companies, I can honestly say that SLACK is second to none."

—Jeff G. Konin, PhD, ATC, PT


"SLACK offers a very unique and supportive environment that makes an author feel like you are part of the family. Your project receives individual attention from practiced professionals and someone is always available to speak with you or answer your questions. With SLACK you feel that you are not just writing a book but that you are contributing to the profession and moving it forward.""

—Karen Jacobs, EdD, OTR/L, CPE, FAOTA


"I have worked with the SLACK editors and publishers since 1986. In every circumstance, they were fully supportive of my ideas, wonderfully helpful in editing and in design, great at publicizing my work, and as an added bonus, have become treasured friends. I recommend them without hesitation to all my friends and colleagues who hope to publish."

—Carol M. Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA


"I had the pleasure of working with the staff from SLACK as I wrote my first book. They had a calming demeanor, were readily available to provide support and resources as needed, and kept the process moving forward. I could not have asked for a better group of individuals to work with."

—Carolyn Rutledge, PhD, PNP-BC


"SLACK personnel happily collaborated with me to develop innovative and creative approaches to my project while consistently honoring the intended purpose, scope, and audience for my book. My whole experience with SLACK was stellar and I am thankful to have worked with this publisher!"

—Jennifer C. Friberg, EdD, CCC-SLP/L, ASHA Fellow


"I was lucky to have been introduced to the team at SLACK early on in the inception of my [Orthopedics] textbook. They are talented, professional, and efficient. I have been involved with many publishing endeavors throughout my career, but my partnership with SLACK has been by far the best one I have experienced."

—Joseph A. Abboud, MD


"I have worked with SLACK for several years and everyone goes above and beyond to be supportive. Authors receive individualized attention when needed, but are left to work when they need time to do so. When my co-author and I requested purple and pink be worked into the color scheme for our cover, the designers came through!"

—Dee Berlinghoff, PhD,
Past President, CEC-TED



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