Specially Designed Instruction for Special Education: A Guide to Ensuring Quality IEP Implementation

Rosemary Tralli, PhD
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Trade Paperback
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December 2023
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Book Description

A new resource for teacher preparatory programs at institutes of higher education and school-based professional development, Specially Designed Instruction for Special Education: A Guide to Ensuring Quality IEP Implementation offers a detailed account of the legal requirements and evidence-based practices for educators to afford quality specialized instruction to eligible students.

The latest entry in SLACK’s Evidence-Based Instruction in Special Education series, Specially Designed Instruction for Special Education provides educators with practical tools to define, plan, implement, and assess educational conditions and practices. After reading this text, special education teacher candidates and educators will possess the knowledge and skills to ensure student success through specially designed instruction, align interventions with student strengths and needs, and engage in collaborations to develop and implement quality Individualized Education Programs.

What’s included in Specially Designed Instruction for Special Education:

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act connections with references to federal regulations and relevant court cases
  • Evidence-based practices and tools that support specialized instruction
  • Key takeaways that summarize concepts and practices associated with the chapter content.

Specially Designed Instruction for Special Education provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the composition and conditions of specialized instruction and the tools to ensure their adherence to the legal and programming components of specialized instruction.

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About the author:

Teaching is a calling. Rosemary Tralli, PhD, has embraced that calling for decades as a special education teacher, administrator, mentor, consultant, author, and parent. Rosemary is passionate about supporting new generations of educators so that all children receive the equitable, strong, and respectful education they deserve. She knows first-hand the importance of specially designed instruction for students with special needs. Rosemary offers pragmatic ideas to safeguard quality teaching and learning in schools across the country. Her deep commitment to ensure positive and collaborative partnerships is foundational to her work. Her knowledge, experience, and advocacy have made a difference for countless teachers and children. This book helps fulfill Rosemary’s continued mission to support educators, students, and their families in achieving a relevant and satisfying educational journey.