Musculoskeletal Examination of the Shoulder: Making the Complex Simple

Steven Cohen, MD
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The physical examination of the shoulder can be a complex topic for professionals with all levels of clinical experience. How can advance concepts be taught in a user-friendly, clear format, while still providing necessary information for effective diagnosis and treatment of the shoulder?

Musculoskeletal Examination of the Shoulder: Making the Complex Simple by Dr. Steven B. Cohen answers these questions. Written by experts, this easy-to-carry book provides a thorough review of the most common pathologic shoulder conditions, techniques for diagnosis, as well as the appropriate treatment for each condition.

Musculoskeletal Examination of the Shoulder: Making the Complex Simple contains clear photographic demonstrations, tables, and charts throughout its pages, allowing a thorough and concise examination of the shoulder.

A glance at some of what is covered inside:
• Physical Examination
o Basics and specific tests of the physical examination of the shoulder
• General Imaging
o Basics of general imaging of the shoulder
• Common Conditions
o Superior labrar tears, Biceps tendon, Glenohumeral arthritis, and more

Musculoskeletal Examination of the Shoulder: Making the Complex Simple contains essential information to successfully take a complex subject and bring it to a level that will be welcomed by orthopedic residents, attendings, physical therapists, athletic trainers, medical students in training, and other health care providers.


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About the Editor
Contributing Authors
Foreword by James P. Bradley, MD
Section I Physical Examination
Chapter 1      Physical Examination of the Shoulder: The Basics and Specific Tests
                         Scott Montgomery, MD and Misty Suri, MD
Section II General Imaging
Chapter 2      General Imaging of the Shoulder
                         George Paul Hobbs, MD and William B. Morrison, MD
Section III. Common Conditions of the Shoulder    
Chapter 3      Glenohumeral Instability
                         Steven B. Cohen, MD
Chapter 4      Superior Labral Tears
                         Michael G. Ciccotti, MD
Chapter 5      Rotator Cuff
                         Gregg J. Jarit, MD and David R. Diduch, MD
Chapter 6      Biceps Tendon
                         James R. Romanowski, MD and Mark W. Rodosky, MD
Chapter 7      Acromioclavicular Joint
                         Michael Shin, MD and Geoffrey S. Baer, MD, PhD
Chapter 8      Glenohumeral Arthritis
                         Gerald R. Williams Jr, MD
Chapter 9      Fractures/Trauma
                         Michael R. Tracy, MD and Charles L. Getz, MD
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About the Editors

Steven B. Cohen, MD is a Sports Medicine specialist at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. He specializes in operative management of the knee, shoulder, and elbow. He completed his residency at the University of Virginia Health Center in Charlottesville, VA and Sports Medicine Fellowship was at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Sports Medicine. He is currently an assistant team physician for the Philadelphia Phillies and St. Joseph’s University. He serves as an Assistant Professor at the Thomas Jefferson University and the Director of Sports Medicine Research at the Rothman Institute.  

Dr. Cohen is the editor of 1 orthopedic textbook, associate editor of the Textbook of Arthroscopy, author of 12 book chapters on the management of sports injuries, has contributed to 22 peer reviewed research publications, and has been a part of 45 national and international research presentations. He also serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Arthroscopy.