Getting Ready for Your Colonoscopy (Pack of 25)

SLACK Incorporated
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Book Description

Preparing your patients for a colonoscopy can be a challenge. Patients can be concerned, scared, or confused by the exact steps they should take to prepare for their colonoscopy, what to expect during the test, what the test is, and what happens afterwards.

Getting Ready for Your Colonoscopy is a quick, easy-to-read booklet that will be the answer to your patients many questions…

Inside the booklet, your patients will find out:

  • What is a colonoscopy and how is it performed?
  • What is ok to eat and drink before a colonoscopy? What is not ok?
  • What they can expect from the Bowel Prep? Is it working?
  • Frequently asked questions from how long is the test to medications to potential side effects.

Getting Ready for Your Colonoscopy concludes with a detailed checklist for the patient to follow to ensure that they are fully prepared and ready for their colonoscopy and to be sure it is One and Done and Done Right!

Supported by a published randomized controlled trial (Spiegel et al. Am J Gastroenterol 2011 [in press]), and developed in an academic unit in concert with a psychometrician and health literacy expert, the booklet is proven to enhance bowel prep quality compared to usual instructions. Whether you use single preps or split preps, the booklet is designed to work within your practice by accomodating a range of prep regimens.

Available in packages of 25, Getting Ready for Your Colonoscopy can be displayed in your waiting room or given to your patients by office staff when the test is scheduled.

Purchase your copies today and be one step closer to offering your patients everything they need to know to Get Ready for a colonoscopy and Get It Done Right!