Essential Business Fundamentals for the Successful Eye Care Practice

Savak Teymoorian, MD, MBA
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A compact business education that strategically incorporates 500 keywords to lay the foundation and over 50 action items to initiate meaningful advances and excel in your eye care practice today.
Medical training is a difficult journey with enormous amounts of information to absorb over a short time period. The intense time commitment required during this process leaves little opportunity to study any other discipline. However, even the most intelligent and well-intentioned provider cannot care for patients if the front door of the building is closed. Simply put: A fundamental background in business is required to effectively practice medicine. Eye care professionals, which includes their ophthalmic staff, can now fill the critical gap in their education with Essential Business Fundamentals for the Successful Eye Care Practice, providing them the necessary basic tools to make and execute winning practice management decisions.

Writing in a high-density format that medical professionals will be familiar with, Dr. Savak Teymoorian combines his physician training and experience as a successful ophthalmologist at Harvard Eye Associates with the knowledge acquired earning his MBA. This unique perspective allows him to provide the proper theory and execution in the business of eye care and present it in an efficient manner like that used in medical education.

Each chapter is dedicated to a different subject that would routinely be taught in a masters of business administration degree, tailored specifically for eye care professionals and distilled into the most critical information for a strong foundation. Each section is further enhanced with real life examples seen in ophthalmic care showing how to properly apply business strategies and tactics to obtain the best results.
Chapter topics include:
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Operations
  • Finance
Ophthalmologists, optometrists, and eye care staff will appreciate Essential Business Fundamentals for the Successful Eye Care Practice for its efficient and relevant information to running an eye care practice, whether they are currently in training and want to set themselves up for success or they are already practicing and want to fill in a deficiency in their knowledge.

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About the Author

Foreword by Cynthia Matossian, MD, FACS


Chapter 1     Providing Leadership

Chapter 2     Understanding Organizational Behavior

Chapter 3     Maximizing Human Resources

Chapter 4     Optimizing Operations

Chapter 5     Applying Economics

Chapter 6     Sharpening Negotiations

Chapter 7     Enhancing Marketing

Chapter 8     Integrating Information Technology

Chapter 9     Comprehending Business Finance

Chapter 10   Complementing Personal Finance

Chapter 11   Utilizing Statistics



About the Editors

Savak “Sev” Teymoorian, MD, MBA grew up in Southern California. He attended Glendale High School and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Irvine. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Biological Sciences and a Focus in the Neurosciences. He remained at UC Irvine following his acceptance into the competitive MD/MBA program, a unique collaboration between the School of Medicine and the Paul Merage School of Business.

Dr. Teymoorian and his wife Sarah, who is also a physician, moved to Kansas City after fulfilling his internship commitment in Internal Medicine at UC Irvine. He completed his residency training in ophthalmology at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. In his last year, the department faculty honored him with the selection to serve as Chief Resident. His training continued with an advanced fellowship in glaucoma at Stanford University.

Dr. Teymoorian and his family then moved back to Orange County, California. He is currently a partner at Harvard Eye Associates, a large, multi-specialty private practice with multiple locations throughout the region. He focuses primarily on glaucoma and cataract surgery. Dr. Teymoorian is actively involved in ophthalmology clinical research for both medical and surgical glaucoma therapy. He also participates in mission trips abroad to provide ocular treatment to those without access to it.

As a key opinion leader, Dr. Teymoorian has been invited to present at numerous conferences over a wide range of topics given his unique skill set and experience. By living and working in Orange County, he actively collaborates with industry leaders to advance the field of eye care. He frequently contributes to articles in literature and print magazines. He actively maintains a blog for Ocular Surgery News that discusses a broad range of topics about the entire glaucoma landscape. With the growing demand of teaching medical professionals about business, Dr. Teymoorian complements the topics discussed in this book with additional resources available on his website listed below.  

Dr. Teymoorian enjoys spending his spare time with Sarah and their daughter, Samantha. They like visiting nearby beaches and traveling to new destinations. The family can be found both taking part in and watching sporting activities. They also actively attend Saddleback Church.