Clinical Practice to Academia: A Guide for New and Aspiring Health Professions Faculty

Crystal Gateley, PhD, OTR/L
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Designed to assist health professionals with the transition from a clinical role to a faculty role, Clinical Practice to Academia: A Guide for New and Aspiring Health Professions Faculty provides a comprehensive overview of higher education for new and aspiring faculty across health professions including occupational therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, nursing, speech-language pathology, clinical and diagnostic sciences, and pharmacy. 

This practical guide explores the complexities of the faculty role and includes specific strategies related to teaching and learning in the health professions. Written by Dr. Crystal A. Gateley, Clinical Practice to Academia includes an overview of the issues most impacting academics today. Chapters are placed within the context of current health care and higher education settings. Conceptual foundations of teaching and learning are reviewed, and specific strategies for classroom instruction are provided. The text also includes suggestions for ongoing professional development through the first few years and beyond.

Unique aspects of Clinical Practice to Academia include:
  • Introduction to institutional differences that affect faculty roles
  • Focus on the first few years of an academic career
  • Recommendations for exploring campus and professional resources
  • Overview of today’s college students
  • Self-directed learning activities in each chapter for further exploration of topics
With practical advice that can be tailored to unique faculty roles, Clinical Practice to Academia: A Guide for New and Aspiring Health Professions Faculty is a must-have for any health care professionals who are moving into academia. 

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About the Author

Chapter 1    Introduction
Chapter 2    The Health Care Context
Chapter 3    Con­temporary Issues in Higher Education
Chapter 4    Understanding Institutional Types
Chapter 5    Pursuing an Academic Position
Chapter 6    Knowing Your Profession
Chapter 7    The First Year: Becoming Familiar With Your Campus, School, and Department
Chapter 8    The Faculty Role: Teaching and Beyond
Chapter 9    Understanding ­Today’s College Students
Chapter 10    Conceptual Foundations of Teaching and Learning
Chapter 11    Instructional Strategies for the Classroom and Clinic
Chapter 12    Facilitating Professional Be­hav­ior Development in Students
Chapter 13    Professional Development for Health Professions Faculty
Chapter 14    Maintaining Balance in Your Life


About the Editors

Crystal A. Gateley, PhD, OTR/L is Associate Chair and Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri, Department of Occupational Therapy, where she has taught full-time since 2009. She teaches a variety of courses across the curriculum including Foundations and Theory in Occupational Therapy, Conditions in Occupational Therapy, Psychosocial Aspects of Occupational Therapy, Clinical Reasoning and Documentation, Emerging Trends in Occupational Therapy, and Leadership, Management, and Policy. She also has taught interdisciplinary courses including Clinical Pathophysiology and Introduction to the Health Professions. In her administrative role, she provides oversight of curriculum revision and accreditation compliance, and she assists with new program development and the myriad of issues faced by a growing department.

Crystal graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Missouri in 1995 with a BHS in Occupational Therapy. She went on to complete a master’s (2003) and doctorate (2015) in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, also from the University of Missouri. Crystal has worked in a variety of occupational therapy practice settings, including acute care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, home health, outpatient pediatrics, public schools, and community programs for adults with developmental disabilities. She still provides occasional occupational therapy coverage at Boone Hospital Center in Columbia, Missouri, on weekends and holidays, and her experiences there with patients and interprofessional colleagues inform her teaching as she is able to pass along insights from contemporary occupational therapy practice to her students.

Beyond her love for college teaching and occupational therapy practice, Crystal enjoys spending time with friends and family in outdoor activities including camping, fishing, canoeing, and rafting along various Missouri rivers. She is an avid football fan, and she is still basking in the glory of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV victory in 2020! She currently lives in rural Holts Summit, Missouri, with her husband, Curt, and her parents. Crystal treasures the occasional phone calls and visits from her two daughters, Katrina and Lauren, who are off on their own college adventures.