What Color Is Your Brain: A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others

Sheila N Glazov
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Why do you zig while others zag? What makes you seem unique or peculiar to some people, yet similar or comforting to others? The differences are in our personalities and how they shade our perception and affect the way we work, live, and interact. Discovering and understanding our own strengths and idiosyncrasies while adapting to others can be an overwhelming task. In response to this common frustration, What Color Is Your Brain? A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others explains the similarities and differences that impact our thoughts and actions. Rather than offer an excuse for people’s behavior, this book helps to explain why our perspectives differ from or relate to the viewpoints of others. Enjoyable, insightful, and easy-to-read, What Color Is Your Brain? is a guide to exploring who we are, why others see us the way they do, and how the four “brain colors” or personality types play a role in our everyday lives. Sheila Glazov has created colorful personality profiles that simplify the complex nature of our traits and talents. With its entertaining anecdotes, innovative perspectives, and resonating concepts, What Color Is Your Brain? is a fun and fascinating book that promotes both self-awareness and acceptance of others. Written for readers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, this book is intended to facilitate effective communication and cooperation while minimizing frustration in numerous aspects of our everyday lives—at work and home, in dating and marital relationships, with team projects, among family members and friends, and within a mixture of other interpersonal connections. What Color Is Your Brain? offers the essential pieces of the puzzle that is human interaction, teaching us how to recognize and appreciate a spectrum of personality types. With the help of this dynamic book, discovering your own brain color and learning to adapt to others is bound to be a no-brainer.

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Contents  Dedication Acknowledgments About the Author Introduction Section I: Brain Color Concepts Chapter 1: The “No Right or Wrong Answer” Brain Color Quiz Chapter 2: Recognize Your Strengths and Perspectives  Chapter 3: Appreciate Our Differences  Chapter 4: Understanding Your Color Combinations  Chapter 5: How Other Colors See You Chapter 6: Thrive in Ideal Conditions Section I: Brain Color Concepts Summary Section II: Personal Brain Color Connections Chapter 7: Your Romantic Relationships Chapter 8: Your Relationships With Co-Workers Chapter 9: Your Relationships With Family Members and Friends Chapter 10: Your Relationships With Children Section II: Brain Color Connections Summary Section III: Brain Color Communication Chapter 11: Speak Fluent Brain Color Chapter 12: Connect With Others and Build Rapport Chapter 13: No-Brainer Conflict Resolution Chapter 14: You Can Change Your Brain Color Chapter 15: Effective Decision Making Chapter 16: Celebrate Hassle-Free Holidays Chapter 17: Helpful Clues and Quotes Section III: Brain Color Communication Summary  Chapter 18: Epilogue  Bibliography  Index An Interview With the Author


“Whether you are on a mission to determine your personal or professional Brain Color, Sheila Glazov’s stellar WCIYB can help you paint your brain picture. I highly recommend this book as an enlightening, fun-filled guide to learning more about yourself and others.” —Aida J. Sapp, PhD, APRN, BC, LMFT [Personally a Blue Brainer; Professionally a combination of a Yellow, Green, and Blue Brainer] Associate Professor, College of Nursing The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, Texas

About the Editors

Sheila Glazov is an award-winning author, professional speaker, educator, and consultant on the subjects of personality types, creativity, and self-esteem. She has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, LIFETIME, and WGN TV. She has been interviewed on radio stations nationwide and featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Sun-Times. Sheila is the creator of the What Color is Your Brain?™ Workshop and the author of the children’s book Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift. She has lectured in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America, and has conducted her workshops with clients such as the Motorola, Sears, CB Richard Ellis, Pulte Homes, Quill Corporation, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Washoe Health System, the Society of Women Engineers, the Women’s Leadership Initiative, Clemson University, the Chicago Public Schools, and the Community Association Institute. Encouraging adults and children to recognize and respect the best in themselves and others is the essence of Sheila’s books and workshops. Sheila earned her Bachelor of Science degree in education from Ohio State University and a degree in Creative Leadership from Disney University, and she is a graduate of the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, the Creative Problem Solving Institute, and the McNellis Creative Planning Institute. She has taught third grade and high school ESL. Sheila has been an adjunct faculty member of William Rainey Harper College and a guest instructor at DePaul, Penn State, Northwood, and Roosevelt Universities. Today’s Chicago Woman newspaper selected her as one of “100 Women Making a Difference” for her entrepreneurial achievements in the field of creativity. Sheila has been a member of the National Speakers Association, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Governor’s Commission on the Status of Women in Illinois, Women In Management, the American Association of University Women, and a board member of many community organizations.