Therapeutic Agents for the Physical Therapist Assistant

Jennifer Memolo, MA, PTA
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The first textbook specifically for physical therapist assistant (PTA) students on physical agent modalities, Therapeutic Agents for the Physical Therapist Assistant is a standout resource that will greatly enhance a PTA curriculum.

Therapeutic Agents for the Physical Therapist Assistant focuses on the use and execution of each physical agent, covering thermal, sound-energy, mechanical, electrical, and electromagnetic agents. Tables, graphs, review questions, and photos are included for visual reference and lab practice. Clinical tips and case studies are sprinkled throughout each chapter, along with sample documentation and checklists to follow when documenting a therapeutic modality. 

Topics include:
  • Thermal agents, including thermotherapy and cryotherapy
  • Sound-energy modalities, including therapeutic ultrasound and phonophoresis
  • Mechanical agents, including hydrotherapy, traction, compression, manual therapy, and soft-tissue mobilization
  • Electrical agents, including electrotherapy
  • Electromagnetic agents, including shortwave diathermy, low-level laser therapy, infrared light therapy, and ultraviolet light
Included with the text are online supplemental materials for faculty use in the classroom, consisting of an Instructor’s Manual and PowerPoint slides.

This textbook is perfect for instructors in PTA programs looking for a text on physical modalities and agents that is geared specifically toward their students. This text will equally hold a valuable place on the shelf as an important reference text for PTA students after they enter the field.

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About the Author

Unit I    Introduction
Chapter 1    An Introduction to Physical Agents
Chapter 2    Modality Categories and Indications
Unit II    Thermal Agents
Chapter 3    Thermotherapy
Chapter 4    Cryotherapy
Unit III    Sound-Energy Modalities
Chapter 5    Therapeutic Ultrasound and Phonophoresis
Unit IV    Mechanical Agents
Chapter 6    Hydrotherapy
Chapter 7    Traction
Chapter 8    Compression
Chapter 9    Manual Therapy and Soft-Tissue Mobilization
Unit V    Electrical Agents
Chapter 10    Electrotherapy
Unit VI    Electromagnetic Agents
Chapter 11    Shortwave Diathermy
Chapter 12    Low-Level Laser Therapy, Infrared Light Therapy, and Ultraviolet Light

Appendix: Key Abbreviations
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About the Editors

Jennifer Memolo, MA, PTA lives in Huntsville, Alabama. She taught in the associate of science Physical Therapist Assistant program at Nebraska Methodist College in Omaha, Nebraska, and both the associate of science and bachelor of science Physical Therapist Assistant programs at Clarkson College in Omaha. She currently serves as the writer/editor for the Office of Development at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. She received her bachelor of arts degree in English at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama, and then a master’s in creative writing at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. She received her associate of science degree as a physical therapist assistant from Nash Community College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, in 2008, at which time she moved to Omaha, where she worked and lived for 12 years. She has worked in inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and home health settings.