The Way of the Bull: A Voyage

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This book reveals the truth of self Leo Buscaglia has discovered on two trips to Asia by traveling the "way of the bull," as well as describing the people and physical locales of Southeast Asia prior to the Vietnam War. The meaning of the title originated in the 12th century Zen book, 10 Bulls by Chinese Zen master Kakuan. In this book the bull represents life, energy, truth and action. "The way" concerns the possible step one man might take to gain insight, find oneself and discover one's true nature. Leo reminds us, however, that each person must find that path individually in order for it to have true meaning.

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Introduction Japan Chapter 1 The Itos Japan Chapter 2 Abe-San Hong Kong Chapter 3 Wong Thailand Chapter 4 Kanoke Cambodia Chapter 5 Hotel de la Paix Saigon Chapter 6 Lat Bali Chapter 7 Ratal Ceylon Chapter 8 Mano Southern India Chapter 9 Professor Gupta Calcutta Chapter 10 The Case Family Kashmir Chapter 11 Katie Nepal Chapter 12 Lato Epilogue