The Retinoscopy Book: An Introductory Manual for Eye Care Professionals, Fifth Edition

John M. Corboy, MD
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For over 25 years, The Retinoscopy Book: An Introductory Manual for Eye Care Professionals has been the only basic instruction manual designed specifically to teach the art of clinical retinoscopy. This best-selling classic has been updated and revised to include the latest changes involving the retinoscope, and to meet the developing needs of students in ophthalmology and optometry. Sections on minus cylinders, concave mirror retinoscopy for high refractive errors, and a catalog of instruments have been expanded to reflect the most recent innovations. New sections on retinoscopy after refractive surgery and instrument maintenance are unique to this fifth edition.

This text is designed to supplement the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO) instruction courses for technicians or to facilitate a do-it-yourself training program for ophthalmology residents, ophthalmic technicians, optometry students, and other eye care professionals in training. Figures and illustrations supplement time-tested exercises to facilitate learning. The user-friendly format prevalent throughout the text enables students to develop a complete understanding of the retinoscope and its many uses.

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Preface to the Fifth Edition
Preface to the First Edition

Chapter 1: Retinoscopy: Its Use and Development
Chapter 2: The Retinoscope: How It Works
Chapter 3: A Review of Optics
Chapter 4: Basic Concepts
Chapter 5: The Schematic Eye
Chapter 6: Spherical Errors
Chapter 7: Astigmatic Errors
Chapter 8: Refining the Cylinder
Chapter 9: Estimating Techniques and More
Chapter 10: Minus Cylinder Retinoscopy
Chapter 11: Concave Mirror Retinoscopy
Chapter 12: Retinoscopy After Refractive Surgery
Chapter 13: Introduction to Refraction
Appendix I: Speedy Refraction:
Appendix II: Maintaining the Optec 360 Retinoscope
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"The author provides excellent instruction by laying a solid foundation of the principles behind retinoscopy, then providing clear, step-by-step instructions with many examples and diagrams. This is an extremely useful book that would enhance the knowledge and confidence of any reader."   

— Margaret A. Chang, MD, MS, Doody Enterprises, Inc.
 "Great detail of how a retinoscope works and many exercises for practicing retinoscopy are described."  

— Emil Chynn, MD and Happy Hong, OD, Ocular Surgery News