The Real ABCs: A Surgeon's Analysis and a Father's Legacy, Second Edition

Robert H. Osher, MD
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In The Real ABCs: A Surgeon's Analysis and a Father's Legacy, Second Edition, pioneering cataract surgeon Dr. Robert Osher reflects on his 40-year career and candidly shares that the secret to his professional success and personal happiness lies in the pursuit of “the real ABCs”—achievement, balance, and contentment.

Dr. Osher was an internationally renowned surgeon and father of five when he was diagnosed with a pineapple-sized kidney cancer at age 53. Suddenly confronted with his own mortality, he resolved to write his legacy for his family, friends, and colleagues. The result is The Real ABCs, originally published after Dr. Osher's successful recovery and newly updated with his experiences and wisdom of the last decade—an inspirational story of one man's achievements as well as a prescriptive guide for finding balance and contentment.

In The Real ABCs, Dr. Osher tells the story behind some of his accomplishments in ophthalmology, including the founding of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, the Cataract Surgery: Telling It Like It Is meeting, the Video Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and the introduction of groundbreaking techniques in cataract surgery. Dr. Osher demonstrates the importance of hard work and enthusiasm while admitting the inevitability of adversity and setbacks, acknowledging that his achievements wouldn't be possible without the influence of his cherished teachers, mentors, friends, and family. Throughout the book, Osher also stresses the importance of seeking balance, whether it's through nature, adventure, service, or adherence to one's principles.

The Real ABCs: A Surgeon's Analysis and a Father's Legacy, Second Edition is a deeply personal story filled with universal life lessons. Ultimately, Dr. Osher shows that approaching one's career and personal life with passion and perseverance can help anyone attain a feeling of contentment and success.

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Chapter 1: Anatomy and Passion of Achievement
Chapter 2: Getting Things Accomplished: A Case Study
Chapter 3: Prepare to Succeed
Chapter 4: Procrastination
Chapter 5: Accepting the Challenge to Challenge the Accepted
Chapter 6: Courage on the Cutting Edge
Chapter 7: Time Management
Chapter 8: Mistake Management
Chapter 9: Fitness
Chapter 10: Critical Balance: The Ratio of Hard Work to Hard Play
Chapter 11: Lighten Up!
Chapter 12: The Hands of a Surgeon
Chapter 13: Competition
Chapter 14: Teaching: The Privilege of Giving Back
Chapter 15: What Goes Around…Comes Around
Chapter 16: Developing Our Next Generation
Chapter 17: Adventure!
Chapter 18: Enjoying the Outdoors (God's Playground)
Chapter 19: Top Priority: Family!
Chapter 20: Good Friends
Chapter 21: Doing What's Right (It's Not Always Easy)
Chapter 22: Dream. Try. Fail. Try Harder!
Chapter 23: Dealing With Adversity
Chapter 24: Resilience
Chapter 25: Values and Meaning
Chapter 26: Why I Love My Job!
Chapter 27: Taking a Stand
Chapter 28: Miracles Never Cease!
Chapter 29: Philanthropy
Chapter 30: Diversification: A Career and Recreational Strategy
Chapter 31: Thoughts About Aging
Chapter 32: A Second Chance
Chapter 33: Final Thoughts