Simple: The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success, Second Edition

John B. Pinto
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Now in its Second Edition, Simple: The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success makes even the most complex issues in ophthalmic practice management just that- simple. This handy guide covers everything from the basics of business planning to esoteric and complex topics unique to ophthalmology.

Author John B. Pinto, a world-renowned expert on the business of ophthalmic practice, has brought his decades of expertise to bear in this high-yield handbook. Throughout his career he has seen that the most successful practices large or small have learned to see the big picture and keep things simple. This book helps practice owners, managers, and administrators achieve that goal.

Simple cuts through the details and the minutia of running a practice to refocus on the big picture and the key, high-impact factors influencing ophthalmic practice success. Each chapter addresses a new topic, pointing out stumbling blocks and key areas to focus on so practice owners and managers can stick to their strategic goals. 

With a foreword by Dr. Richard Lindstrom and hundreds of management pearls throughout, Simple: The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success, Second Edition takes the guesswork out of running an ophthalmic practice. From data analytics to the ins and outs of administration, John B. Pinto makes practice management simple.

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About the Author
Foreword by Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Chapter 1    Testing Your Practice on Twenty-Five Simple Things
Chapter 2    The Big Picture
        Of the Five Domains of Practice and Life 
        Of Paying Attention 
        Of Career Management 
        Of the Intentional Practice 
        Of Practice Culture 
        Of Vanquishing Chicken Little 
Chapter 3    Leadership
        Of Simple Leadership 
        Of Decisiveness 
        Of Prioritizing and Implementing 
        Of Teamwork 
        Of Abandoning Failed Projects
        Of Strategic Business Planning 
Chapter 4    Adaptability
        Of Ophthalmology Then and Now 
        Of Sustainability 
        Of Disaster Planning 
        Of Entrepreneurism 
        Of Adaptability 
Chapter 5    Metrics
        Of Numeracy ... Mastering Math as a Second Language
        Of Measuring Efficiency 
        Of Growth, Stasis, and Shrinkage 
        Of the Three Buckets of Money 
        Of Objectifying That Which Is Subjective 
        Of Benchmarking 
        Of Financial Sufficiency 
        Of Staff Cost Containment 
        Of Frugality
Chapter 6    Administration and General Management
        Of Developmental Hallmarks 
        Of Practice “Birth Defects” 
        Of Administrative Success and Failure 
        Of Patient Satisfaction 
        Of Coaching Points From Managers to Physicians
        Of Provider Performance Reviews 
        Of Marketing and Selling 
        Of Office Facilities
Chapter 7    Compatibility and Collaboration With Others
        Of Adding Value to Patient Relationships
        Of Working With Family Members in Your Practice 
        Of Optometrist Associates 
        Of Meetings 
        Of Conflicts 
        Of Physician Bullying 
        Of Collaboration 
        Of Mergers and Acquisitions 
Chapter 8    Partnering
        Of Partnership 
        Of Adding a New Doctor 
        Of Happy Partners in a Group Practice 
        Of the Associate Doctor Becoming a Partner 
        Of Acting Like a Partner 
        Of Fixing Broken Practice Boards 
Chapter 9    The Inner Game
        Of Measuring Success 
        Of Excess Attachment to One’s Career 
        Of Provider Burnout 
        Of Career Satisfaction 
        Of Security
        Of Retirement

Afterword: A Psychologist’s Perspective on the Inner Game of Ophthalmology by Craig N. Piso, PhD
Last Word: Pinto’s Ten Commandments

About the Editors

John B. Pinto is the most-published author in America on ophthalmology practice management topics. He founded J. Pinto & Associates, Inc, an ophthalmic practice management consulting firm, in 1979. Since then he has provided strategic planning, operations, and marketing advice to pharmaceutical companies, basic science centers, hospitals, multispecialty clinics, and single-specialty facilities. 

For over 40 years, a majority of the firm’s service has been to ophthalmic practices ranging from small solo practices to high-volume market leaders, teaching centers, and ophthalmic product companies. He has been active as a practice consultant in North America and Europe, and has worked and lectured in South America and the Far East. 

Pinto is best known as a strategic planning and economic advisor to practices large and small. In addition to covering most dimensions of modern practice operations management, he is a career advisor—providing individual coaching and contract negotiation services to new graduates and midcareer ophthalmologists. His professional life today is rounded out with succession planning, practice valuations, partner dispute mediation, merger/acquisition counsel, and leadership development for administrators and physicians. 

A prolific writer, Pinto is the author of several books beyond the text you now hold: 
•    John Pinto’s Little Green Book of Ophthalmology
•    Turnaround: Twenty-One Weeks to Ophthalmic Practice Survival and Permanent Improvement
•    Ten Eyecare Practices: Benchmarks for Success
•    Cash Flow: The Practical Art of Earning More From Your Ophthalmology Practice, written with Anne Rose
•    The Efficient Ophthalmologist
•    Legal Issues in Ophthalmology: A Review for Surgeons and Administrators, written with Alan Reider and Allison Shuren
•    The Women of Ophthalmology, written with Elizabeth Davis, MD
•    Ophthalmic Leadership: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Administrators, and Teams 
•    Marketing Your Ophthalmic Practice  

Many of these titles are now published by SLACK Incorporated and can be ordered by going to 

John is a member of the editorial board of Ocular Surgery News and a regular contributor to other eye care publications. He is available for individual physician and practice consulting services to supplement this book.