Research Methods in Special Education

Brittany Hott, PhD; Frederick Brigham, PhD; Corey Peltier, PhD
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Trade Paperback
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Summer 2021
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Book Description

Research Methods in Special Education equips readers with the knowledge needed to make a difference with data. Authors Drs. Brittany L. Hott, Frederick J. Brigham, and Corey Peltier provide access to cutting edge methodologies and related skills researchers need to successfully carry out projects in applied settings. Dedicated chapters focusing on quantitative research synthesis (e.g., meta-analysis, meta-synthesis), single case design, and program evaluation methods allow readers deeply invested in the field of special education to develop a firm foundation, enabling them to ask and answer their socially significant research questions.

Written for students in special education teacher prep programs, early career faculty, school administrators, and curriculum specialists, this text includes numerous features that set it apart from other available resources:

  • Dedicated chapters on ethics, establishing effective research partnerships, and evidence-based practice
  • Cutting-edge program evaluation methods and reporting
  • Comprehensive coverage of methods commonly used in special education
  • Detailed information on securing special education funding
  • Case studies, exemplars, resources, and recommendations for additional reading
  • Faculty materials including practice problems and activities available at
  • YouTube videos featuring interviews with authors

The up-to-date research practices in this text are a valuable addition for educators and researchers serving students with disabilities who have a responsibility to support in-school and post-school outcomes. Research Methods in Special Education gives educators the tools to facilitate a deeper understanding of the research process and evidence-based practice.