Principles and Practice in Ophthalmic Assisting: A Comprehensive Textbook

Janice K. Ledford, COMT; Al Lens, COMT
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Book Description

Time is an incredibly valuable resource for ophthalmic and para-optometric personnel, whether they are still studying on their way to certification or they are already in the trenches in daily practice. To keep up, they need a single, cohesive text containing everything they need to learn. Principles and Practice in Ophthalmic Assisting: A Comprehensive Textbookmeets that need, covering all subject areas in detail while also maintaining a readable, user-friendly style.
Editors Janice Ledford and Al Lens have gathered a prestigious team of over 40 contributors, all of them ophthalmic and optometric medical personnel, who actively perform the tasks they write about. Their time-tested expertise is like having a group of specialists right by your side to show how it’s done and answer questions.
From A-scan to zygoma, Principles and Practice in Ophthalmic Assisting: A Comprehensive Textbookincludes everything ophthalmic and para-optometric personnel need to know to effectively perform their duties, assist their patients, and advance their careers.
Each chapter is written in a friendly manner and follows an established framework, making it easy to digest any new information or as a quick reference to the material needed. Chapters also include valuable “tricks of the trade” that could only come from authors with intimate knowledge of their topics.
Topics covered:
  • General ophthalmic knowledge
  • Ophthalmic skills
  • Optical skills
  • Ophthalmic medical sciences
  • Surgical services and skills
  • Administrative skills
Whether perfecting current skills, learning new ones, or studying for exams, Principles and Practice in Ophthalmic Assisting: A Comprehensive Textbook makes both a perfect learning tool for students and a complete reference tool for staff  whether they are new to the eyecare industry or have years of experience.

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About the Editors

Contributing Authors



Section I         General Ophthalmic Knowledge

Chapter 1              Introduction to the Field of Eye Care

Jan Ledford, COMT

Chapter 2              Ocular Anatomy

Charles A. Beck, DO, FAAO

Chapter 3              Ocular Physiology

Al Lens, COMT

Chapter 4              Optics

Al Lens, COMT

Section II        Ophthalmic Skills

Chapter 5              Ophthalmic Equipment

Al Lens, COMT

Chapter 6              Scribing and Chair-Side Assisting

Jane T. Shuman, MSM, COT, COE, OCS, CMSS, OSC

Chapter 7              History Taking

Ellie Bessarab, COT, NCLEC, OSC, and Duanna VanCamp, COT

Chapter 8              Vision Testing

Jan Ledford, COMT

Chapter 9              Basic Eye Exam

Suzanne Hansen, MEd, COMT, and Anna Kiss, BS, COMT

Chapter 10           Ocular Motility, Strabismus, and Amblyopia

Colleen Schreiber, OC(C), COMT, CCRP

Chapter 11           Retinoscopy and Refractometry

Aaron V. Shukla, PhD, COMT

Chapter 12           Slit Lamp Microscopy

Sergina M. Flaherty, COMT, OSC

Chapter 13           Tonometry

Gayle Roberts, COMT, BHS

Chapter 14           Visual Fields

Gayle Roberts, COMT, BHS

Chapter 15           Ophthalmic Photography

Sarah M. Armstrong, CRA, OCT-C, FOPS

Chapter 16           Diagnostic Imaging

Al Lens, COMT

Chapter 17           Ophthalmic Ultrasound

Monique Rinke, COMT, and Laura Barry, BSc, COMT

Chapter 18           Electrophysical Testing

Jacob P. McGinnis, BA, COT

Section III      Optical Skills

Chapter 19           Optical Procedures

Sumáya “Sumi” Rodríguez, COT, OSC, ABO-AC, FNAO, USN (Ret)

Chapter 20           Eyewear: Spectacles and Lenses

Anne West-Ellmers, COT, OSC, LDO, NCLEC, AAS

Chapter 21           Contact Lenses


Section IV      Ophthalmic Medical Sciences

Chapter 22           Pharmacology

Peter D. Anderson, Pharm D, BCPP, CMI-IV, and Gyula Bokor, MD

Chapter 23           Microbiology

Catherine Horan, BA, COMT

Chapter 24           Genetics

James Walsh, MD, PhD, and Sandra Johnson, MD

Chapter 25           Neuro-Ophthalmology

Beth Koch, COT, ROUB, and Lisa Lystad, MD

Chapter 26           Ocular Disorders and Conditions: External and Anterior Segment

Jessica M. Barr, COMT, ROUB

Chapter 27           Ocular Disorders and Conditions: Posterior Segment

Jessica M. Barr, COMT, ROUB

Chapter 28           Cataract

Roxanna Martin, BSc, OSC

Chapter 29           Glaucoma

Sandra Johnson, MD, and Eric Areiter, MD

Chapter 30           Diabetes

Christine McDonald, COE, COA, ROUB, OSC

Chapter 31           Other Systemic Disorders/Conditions Affecting the Eyes

Al Lens, COMT

Chapter 32           Ocular Trauma

Adel Ebraheem, MD, MS

Chapter 33           Nontraumatic Ocular Emergent and Urgent Situations

Gayle Roberts, COMT, BHS

Chapter 34           Subspecialties in Ophthalmology and Optometry

Donna Bong, COMT

Chapter 35           Low Vision

Beth Koch, COT, ROUB

Section V        Surgical Services and Skills

Chapter 36           Overview of Ophthalmic Surgery

Cynthia Matossian, MD, FACS, Henry Lee, MD, and Sebastian Lesniak, MD

Chapter 37           In-Office Minor Surgery

Kesha Hyde, COT, and Jan Ledford, COMT

Chapter 38           Refractive Surgery

Paul M. Larson, MBA, MMSc, COMT, COE, CPC, CPMA

Chapter 39           Ophthalmic Laser Surgery

Adeline Stone, COT, CRA, CDOS

Chapter 40           Surgical Assisting

Robert M. Kershner, MD, MS, FACS, and Jacob P. McGinnis, BA, COT

Section VI      Administrative Skills

Chapter 41           Around the Office

Jane T. Shuman, MSM, COT, COE, OCS, CMSS, OSC

Chapter 42           Record Keeping and Electronic Medical Records

Jane T. Shuman, MSM, COT, COE, OCS, CMSS, OSC, and Amanda J. Shuman, Esq

Chapter 43           The Basics of Coding in an Outpatient Setting

Jane T. Shuman, MSM, COT, COE, OCS, CMSS, OSC

Chapter 44           Health Care Compliance and Regulatory Issues

Gloria Garcia-Garza, COA, CMC, and Cheryl Pelham


Appendix A          Review of Sciences and Applications

Jan Ledford, COMT

Appendix B           In-Office Training

Savory Turman, COMT, OCS

Appendix C          Medical Terminology

John P. Rowan, COMT

Appendix D          Commonly Used Ophthalmic Medications

Jan Ledford, COMT


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About the Editors

Author, editor, and speaker Jan Ledford, COMT, began her ocular adventure as a job-trained assistant. Three certifications, 20+ books, and thousands of eye exams later, she is still very happy in an exam room with a patient, doing refractometry and other fun things.
She is currently owned by only one cat (Nadia Narci), but hopes to one day retire (although no time soon) and become a crazy cat lady. Jan lives in the mountains of western North Carolina where she enjoys singing, reading, spending time with her grandkids and other family, and watching Judge Judy and NCIS. Oh, and bleeding red ink on other people’s manuscripts.
Al Lens, COMT, began his career in ophthalmology in 1986 and has enjoyed teaching new ophthalmic medical personnel how to evaluate and care for patients in the best way possible. He is a firm believer that you should never stop learning. When students face a new scenario, Al encourages them to gain knowledge from the experience, possibly undertaking further study to fill in the blanks. Continuous study makes the job more enjoyable and better serves the patients.