Ophthalmic Leadership: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Administrators, and Teams

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John B. Pinto
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In Ophthalmic Leadership: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Administrators, and Teams, his tenth book for eye care professionals, John B. Pinto and an impressive collection of 25 contributing authors share their experience and expertise in how to lead an ophthalmic practice in today's world. This book provides invaluable insights and practical advice for everyone from the rising ophthalmic technician or manager to the managing partner and seasoned practice administrator.

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About the Author

John B. Pinto is the most-published author in America on ophthalmology practice management topics. He founded J. Pinto & Associates, Inc. in 1979. Since then, he has provided strategic planning, operations, and marketing advice to pharmaceutical companies, basic science centers, hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and single-specialty facilities.

For 40 years, a majority of the firm's work has served ophthalmic practices ranging from small solo practices to high-volume market leaders, teaching centers and ophthalmic product companies. He has been active as a practice consultant in North America and Europe and has worked and lectured in South America and the Far East.

Pinto is best known as a strategic planning and economic advisor to practices large and small. In addition to covering most dimensions of modern practice operations management, he is a career advisor, providing individual coaching and contract negotiation services to new graduates and mid-career employed ophthalmologists. His professional life today is rounded out with succession planning, practice valuations, partner dispute mediation, merger/acquisition counsel and leadership development for administration and physicians.

A prolific writer, Pinto is the author or co-author of several books, including:
  • UP: Taking Ophthalmic Administrators and Their Management Teams to the Next Level of Skill, Performance and Career Satisfaction, with Corinne Wohl
  • John Pinto's Little Green Book of Ophthalmology, Fifth Edition
  • Simple: The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success
  • Turnaround: Twenty-One Weeks to Ophthalmic Practice Survival and Permanent Improvement
  • Ten Eyecare Practices: Benchmarks for Success
  • Cash Flow: The Practical Art of Earning More from Your Ophthalmology Practice, with Anne Rose
  • The Efficient Ophthalmologist
  • Legal Issues in Ophthalmology: A review for Surgeons and Administrators, with Alan Reider and Allison Shuren
  • The Women of Ophthalmology, with Elizabeth Davis, MD
  • Ophthalmic Leadership: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Administrators and Teams
  • Marketing Your Ophthalmic Practice

Pinto is a member of the editorial boards of Ocular Surgery News, Ophthalmology Management and Premier Surgeon, and a regular contributor to other eye care publications.