MIGS: Advances in Glaucoma Surgery

Malik Kahook
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With a revolution in the surgical management of mild to moderate glaucoma, new procedures allow for the use of microinvasive techniques that avoid disruption of the conjunctiva and formation of a bleb. These approaches range from laser therapies targeting the outflow system of the eye to the implantation of miniature devices in Schlemm’s canal or the suprachoroidal space. The emergence of this new branch of glaucoma surgery, often coupled with micro-incisional cataract surgery, requires the practicing surgeon to learn about anatomical nuances to ensure success.

MIGS: Advances in Glaucoma Surgery will aid the novice resident as well as the seasoned ophthalmic surgeon facing these new issues in glaucoma treatment. The book addresses preoperative patient selection advice, intraoperative pearls for success, and post operative management skills, which are some of the important aspects of the process towards the adoption of MIGS.

Why you will want to read MIGS: Advances in Glaucoma Surgery:
• Forward thinking contributions from seasoned MIGS experts who have intimate knowledge of the devices benefits and potential pitfalls in their use
• Basic knowledge is provided that will allow each surgeon to tailor their treatment plan while leveling the learning curve
• Assists in indentifying patients with a milder form of the disease and higher target pressures who may benefit from the MIGS devices

MIGS: Advances in Glaucoma Surgery is the first book of its kind to cover the range of devices in this arena using expert contributors and offering real world pearls for practice that can be used in the operating room. Practicing cataract and glaucoma physicians, residents, and fellows will benefit from this timely resource as the thought process for how to treat glaucoma has advanced.

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Contributing Authors

Chapter 1 The History of Glaucoma Surgery
Leonard K. Seibold, MD
Chapter 2 What Is MIGS?
Hady Saheb, MD, MPH; Ananda Kalevar, MD; and Iqbal Ike Ahmed, MD
Chapter 3 Basic Anatomy and Wound-Healing Considerations for MIGS
Jeffrey R. SooHoo, MD; Malik Y. Kahook, MD; and Leonard K. Seibold, MD
Chapter 4 Trabecular Meshwork Bypass Devices
Sabita M. Ittoop, MD; Malik Y. Kahook, MD; and Leonard K. Seibold, MD
Chapter 5 Schlemm’s Canal Devices
Thomas W. Samuelson, MD; Andrew Schieber, MSME;
Kuldev Singh, MD, MPH; and Carol B. Toris, PhD
Chapter 6 Suprachoroidal Devices
Sarwat Salim, MD, FACS
Chapter 7 Ab Interno Stenting Procedures
Rohit Varma, MD
Chapter 8 Ab Interno Trabeculectomy (Trabectome)
Mina B. Pantcheva, MD and Leonard K. Seibold, MD
Chapter 9 Endocyclophotocoagulation and
Other Cyclodestructive Procedures
Mahmoud Khaimi, MD and Jacob W. Brubaker, MD
Chapter 10 Cataract Surgery as a MIGS Procedure
John P. Berdahl, MD
Chapter 11 Emerging Surgical Interventions
Leonard K. Seibold, MD
Chapter 12 Future Directions in Glaucoma Therapeutic Devices and
Treatment Approaches
Sean Ianchulev, MD, MPH and Sarwat Salim, MD, FACS

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About the Editors

Malik Y. Kahook, MD, is Professor of Ophthalmology and The Slater Family Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He is Director of Clinical and Translational Research and serves as chief of the glaucoma service and director of the glaucoma fellowship at the University of Colorado Eye Center. He specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma and cataracts. Dr. Kahook is active within the ophthalmology community including memberships in the American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Glaucoma Society, American Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgeons, and the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. He serves on the American Academy of Ophthalmology Glaucoma Committee and is a member of the American Glaucoma Society Program Committee.

Dr. Kahook has authored over 210 peer-reviewed manuscripts, abstracts, and book chapters, and is editor of Essentials of Glaucoma Surgery and the seminal textbook of glaucoma Chandler and Grant’s Glaucoma. His research accomplishments are focused on multiple unmet needs including advanced cataract surgery devices and implants, treatment of macular degeneration, novel glaucoma therapies, and advanced imaging techniques. He was awarded an AGS Clinician-Scientist Fellowship Award in 2007 as well as the AGS Compliance Grant in 2006 and was named New Inventor of the Year for the University of Colorado in 2009 and Inventor of the Year for 2010. He received the American Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award in 2011 and the Ludwig Von Sallmann Clinician-Scientist Award (ARVO) in 2013. Dr. Kahook has filed for 12 patents, several of which have been licensed by companies for development and commercialization. He serves on several editorial boards including the American Journal of Ophthalmology and International Glaucoma Review. Dr. Kahook is a consultant to the Food and Drug Administration’s Ophthalmic Device Division.

After graduating from Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine, Dr. Kahook completed his residency training at the University of Colorado, Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute in Denver, Colorado, where he was named Chief Resident. He then went on to complete a fellowship in glaucoma with Joel S. Schuman and Robert J. Noecker at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.