Manual of Anterior Segment Surgery

S Gregory Smith, MD; Ryan G Smith, MD; Richard Lindstrom, MD
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Microscopic surgery requires complicated maneuvers.  There are often photos, videos, and descriptions of what the instruments are doing. However, there are ways to set yourself up for success in ophthalmic surgical techniques.  Inside the Manual of Anterior Segment Surgery is the wisdom of over 4 decades of surgical experience by Drs. Gregory Smith, Ryan Smith, and Richard Lindstrom covering the essentials of anterior segment surgery.  Through this experience, one of the key ingredients in setting yourself up for success is the position of your hands with relation to the instrument and what you are trying to accomplish with the instrument. 
In a concise yet detailed manner, the basics of microscope management, patient head position, surgeon hand position, the relationship of the instrument and the hands, and how to enhance the performance of every surgical maneuver are covered with helpful illustrations.
Designed to enhance your surgical techniques by putting you in a position to succeed, this manual will show you how to make the complex maneuvers look simple and improve patient outcomes. The Manual of Anterior Segment Surgery is a method to shorten your timeline to excellent surgery

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About the Authors


Foreword by Edward J. Holland, MD


Set Up

Hand Position

Making Incisions


Injection of Fluids

Two-Handed Technique of Phacoemulsification

Irrigation and Aspiration

Placement of Viscoelastic

Insertion of Intraocular Lens

Retrobulbar Injection


Tying Sutures

Advanced Techniques

Movement of the Head and Eye


“I do not often see books on this topic. However, this one will prove quite valuable to those in training. Its small and portable size improves its advantage as both a quick read and a quick reference for beginning surgeons.”

                 - Diana V Do, MD, Doody's Review Service

About the Editors

S. Gregory Smith, MD trained at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis under Dr. Lindstrom from 1979 to 1983, including a fellowship in cornea and anterior segment surgery. He taught surgery and rose to the rank of Attending Surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, where he practiced for over 20 years. Dr. Smith has had numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, authored a previous textbook, Complications of Intraocular Lenses and Their Management, and has over 30 patents. He is currently in private practice in Wilmington, DE.
Ryan G. Smith, MD is completing his residency in ophthalmology at Stanford University in California. An avid photographer, this is his first venture in medical photography.
Richard L. Lindstrom, MD completed undergraduate, medical school, and residency training at the University of Minnesota and affiliated hospitals in 1977. He then pursued 2 years of fellowship training in cornea, ophthalmic microsurgery, and glaucoma in Minneapolis, MN, Dallas, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT. He is Founder and Attending Surgeon at Minnesota Eye Consultants, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology at the University of Minnesota, a University of Minnesota Foundation Trustee, Visiting Professor at the University of California, Irvine Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, and Global Chief Medical Editor of Ocular Surgery News.
Dr. Lindstrom is a board-certified ophthalmologist and internationally recognized leader in cornea, cataract, refractive, glaucoma, and laser surgery. He has been at the forefront of ophthalmology’s evolutionary changes throughout his career as a recognized researcher, teacher, inventor, writer, lecturer, and highly acclaimed physician and surgeon. A frequent lecturer throughout the world, he has presented over 40 named lectures and keynote speeches. He has been awarded over 40 patents in ophthalmology and has developed a number of corneal preservation solutions, intraocular lenses, and instruments that are used in clinical practices globally. He has co-edited 7 books and published over 350 peer-reviewed journal articles and 60 book chapters. His professional affiliations are extensive.