Laryngeal Cancer: An Interdisciplinary Resource for Practitioners

Jennifer Campion Friberg, EdD, CCC-SLP, BRS-CL; Lisa A Vinney, PhD, CCC-SLP
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Laryngeal cancer is a complex medical condition, and its treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical, typically affect a variety of life functions. These complex consequences of laryngeal cancer necessitate that many different medical specialties work together as a cohesive, collaborative care team to support patients and their caregivers/families.
Despite the interdisciplinary treatment that laryngeal cancer requires, many resources offer the perspective of only one specific profession. Laryngeal Cancer: An Interdisciplinary Resource for Practitioners caters to the team approach that is needed to provide patients with evidence-based treatment and maximize outcomes.
To fill this need for an interdisciplinary text, Drs. Jennifer Campion Friberg and Lisa Vinney bring together a wide range of medical professionals to represent their unique perspectives on the treatment of patients with laryngeal cancer. Each chapter addresses a different critical aspect of the interdisciplinary care and how they impact the other aspects, written by experts in each field.

Sample Chapters Include:
  • Medical and Surgical Diagnosis
  • Airway and Respiratory Challenges
  • Nutrition and Swallowing Challenges
  • Psychosocial Care of the Patient

Bonus! A supplemental website is available for healthcare providers to share with their laryngeal cancer patients and their caregivers/families. This resource provides critical information about all aspects of their care and treatment, presented in a simple, digestible way for the layperson to understand.
When the whole team of health care professionals involved in laryngeal cancer management understands the big picture of care, they can tailor individual treatment priorities to the needs of each unique patient and maximize quality of life. Because of this, Laryngeal Cancer: An Interdisciplinary Resource for Practitioners is designed to be a comprehensive guide for any professional involved in the many facets of interdisciplinary care for patients with laryngeal cancer.

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About the Editors

Contributing Authors

Foreword by Edie R. Hapner, PhD, CCC-SLP


Chapter 1           The Laryngeal Cancer Care Team: Diagnosis Through Treatment           

Lisa A. Vinney, PhD, CCC-SLP/L and Jennifer Campion Friberg, EdD, CCC-SLP/L, ASHA Fellow

 Chapter 2           Understanding the Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Voice, and Swallowing              

Amy E. Engelhoven, PhD, CCC-SLP and Bonnie K. Slavych, MS, CCC-SLP

 Chapter 3           Medical and Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment of Laryngeal Cancer         

Connor W. Hoban, BS; Paul L. Swiecicki, MD; and Andrew G. Shuman, MD

Chapter 4           Airway and Respiratory Challenges in Laryngeal Cancer

                            Lisa Crujido, MS, CCC-SLP

Chapter 5           Communication Challenges in Laryngeal Cancer

                            Philip C. Doyle, PhD, CCC-SLP

Chapter 6           Nutrition and Swallowing Challenges in Laryngeal Cancer         

Rachael E. Kammer, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S and Tessa Goldsmith, MA, CCC-SLP

Chapter 7           Psychosocial Care of the Patient With Laryngeal Cancer

                            Katharine E. Duckworth, PhD and Richard P. McQuellon, PhD

Chapter 8           Palliative Care for Patients With Laryngeal Cancer              

Julia R. Brennan, BSE; Andrew J. Rosko, MD; and Andrew G. Shuman, MD


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