Into Aging: Understanding Issues Affecting the Later Stages of Life, Second Edition

Therese L. Hoffman, RN, BSN, MSN; Susan Dempsey-Lyle, RN, BSN, MSN
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12.75 x 15.00 x 0.75 inches

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Book Description

For the past 25 years, Into Aging, has been applauded by many that work in the health care field with the elderly. Its interactive nature and reality-based outcomes awaken the awareness of the health care providers and their dealings with patients.

SLACK Incorporated is giving a new, fresh look to this classic simulation game. It contains the same quality, informative information, but will be available with new, more durable packaging and pieces.

This game is designed to help individuals develop a personal understanding of the aging process. Players encounter conditions associated with aging that may hinder the accomplishment of their goals and/or break down their self-images. These difficulties come in different forms, including physical disabilities, social judgements, financial setbacks and the loss of loved ones.

This interactive game offers progressive learning and creates a setting of empathy and compassion for the elderly and the tribulations that come along with the aging process. Different "stages of life" are set up for the players to walk through as they imitate life and learn. Into Aging allows for 5 to 15 players to participate per game.

Players will gain the insight necessary to respect the concerns of daily living that the elderly must face. This game will promote meaningful discussion and encourage participants to employ a new set of values in everyday practice.

Perfect or nurses, nursing assistants, allied health professionals, health care professionals, long-term care facilities, and all that work with the elderly.

Inside you will find:

1 Directors Manual
Large, durable envelope for storage
10 sets of Players Directions
105 game pieces
6 posters
3 Table Operator Manuals