Heroic Acts in Humble Shoes: America's Nurses Tell Their Stories

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Irene Stemler, RN
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They are compassionate voices, they are dedicated professionals, they are critical players in the health care system with worn pairs of shoes that have miles of stories to tell. They are America’s nurses. Heroic Acts in Humble Shoes: America’s Nurses Tell Their Stories is more than just a quick glance into the trials, tribulations, joys and rewards of nursing. It is a gateway to understanding what today’s nurses are challenged with everyday. Irene Stemler, RN, BSN, goes beyond the research and gives a voice to the millions of nurses who directly or indirectly make a difference in the lives of patients. Each story opens with a photograph of the nurse’s shoes and offers a unique, passionate, personal, and sometimes controversial perspective on nursing in today’s health care environment. Inside you’ll find: • Over 40 interview-style stories • Each story accompanied by a photo of the featured nurse’s shoes • Stories that reflect the breadth and diversity of today’s nursing practice Heroic Acts in Humble Shoes also looks to be a springboard for spirited discussion about the future of nursing. When nurses read these reflections of the daily battle to provide quality health care to ordinary people, they are encouraged to act, taking a leadership position in transforming their profession and nurses’ role in health care delivery as a whole. Do you consider your work to be heroic? The often surprising answer to this question makes Heroic Acts in Humble Shoes: America’s Nurses Tell Their Stories a must-read for all nurses across the U.S. and those who know them.

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Contents Dedication Acknowledgments About the Author Preface Foreword by Katharyn A. May, DNSc, RN, FAAN Introduction SECTION ONE Chapter 1 Perfect Score Chapter 2 First In Chapter 3 Just the Basics Chapter 4 My Mother’s Gift Chapter 5 High Tech—High Touch Chapter 6 Paradigm Shift Chapter 7 The Value of a Nurse Chapter 8 Not Just a Piece of Paper Chapter 9 Magnificent Little Steps Chapter 10 In Step With the Future Chapter 11 Like Father Chapter 12 ….Like Son Chapter 13 Patient-Centered Care SECTION TWO Chapter 14 An Open Window Chapter 15 Master Artist Chapter 16 A Message of Hope Chapter 17 Making a Difference Chapter 18 Grace Under Pressure Chapter 19 Cheery and Contagious Enthusiasm! Chapter 20 Somebody’s Hero Chapter 21 Twice Called Chapter 22 We See Amazing Things Chapter 23 The Leg Bone’s Connected to the…. Chapter 24 Unwritten Benefit SECTION THREE Chapter 25 Making a Difference For Nurses Chapter 26 Driven by Compassion Chapter 27 Sacred Time Chapter 28 Rebel With a Cause Chapter 29 The Courage to Advocate Chapter 30 A Walk Down the Aisle Chapter 31 Raising the Bar Chapter 32 Universal Caregiver Chapter 33 Nice to Meet You Chapter 34 I See Miracles Every Day Chapter 35 Open Heart SECTION FOUR Chapter 36 Serendipity Chapter 37 And the Oscar Goes to… Chapter 38 A Little Luxury Called Time Chapter 39 Fighting the Good Fight Chapter 40 Hospital of the Future Chapter 41 Honor and Opportunity Chapter 42 Quality of Life Chapter 43 Giving Back Chapter 44 A Place at the Table Afterword