Geriatric Rehabilitation: A Textbook for the Physical Therapist Assistant

Jennifer Bottomley, PhD2, MS, PT
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Book Description

As the aging population continues to increase, so does the need for a text specific to the specialized care of the elderly patient as it applies to the physical therapist assistant student, faculty, and clinician.

Geriatric Rehabilitation: A Textbook for the Physical Therapist Assistant, recognizes the growing role of the PTA in a variety of heath care settings from acute to home to long-term care settings, to name a few.

Inside Geriatric Rehabilitation, Dr. Jennifer Bottomley, along with her contributors, focuses on the clinically relevant assessment, treatment, and management of the geriatric population. Pathological manifestations commonly seen in the elderly patient are addressed from a systems perspective, as well as a focus on what is seen clinically and how it affects function.

Each pathological area covered includes:
• Screening, assessment, and evaluation
• Treatment prescription
• Goal setting
• Modification of treatment
• Anticipated outcomes
• Psychosocial, pharmacological,
and nutritional elements

The organization and presentation of the practical, hands-on components of interventions, assessments, and decision-making skills make this a go-to text for the PTA to administer comprehensive geriatric care at each point along the continuum of care.

Some of the features inside include:
• Emphasis on treatment interventions–techniques, tips, and options
• Focus on how assessment tools and treatments are applied and modified to benefit the geriatric population, and what the expected outcomes are
• Clear and outlined chapter objectives
• User-friendly summary tables in the nutritional and pharmacology chapters
• Pearls that highlight important chapter information
• Appendices and study aids

Geriatric Rehabilitation: A Textbook for the Physical Therapist Assistant answers the call for a text that focuses on the management of geriatric patients across the spectrum of care for the PTA, from students to those practicing in geriatric populations.

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Section I  Fundamental Concepts in Geriatric Rehabilitation
Chapter 1  Introduction to Geriatric Rehabilitation: Principles of Practice
Chapter 2  Theories of Aging
Chapter 3  Age-Related Changes in Anatomy, Physiology, and Function
Chapter 4  Common Pathological Conditions in the Elderly: Impact on Function and Treatment Approaches
Chapter 5  Psychosocial Theories and Considerations of Aging
Chapter 6  Nutritional Considerations with Aging

Section II  Care of the Geriatric Patient
Chapter 7  Drugs and Function in the Elderly
Chapter 8  Settings of Care in Geriatrics: The Role of the Physical Therapist Assistant

About the Editors

Jennifer M. Bottomley PT, MS, PhD2, has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and an advanced master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the MGH Institute of Health Professionals in Boston, MA. She also has a combined intercollegiate doctoral degree in Gerontology (University of Massachusetts) and Health Science and Service Administration (Union Institute), as well as a second doctoral degree in Health Service Administration, Legislation, and Policy Management with a specialty in Gerontology (Union Institute).    

Dr. Bottomley has been clinically practicing since 1974 in acute care, home care, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Currently, she serves as an academic and clinical educator in Geriatric Physical Therapy internationally and throughout the United States in numerous university programs. In addition to teaching, Dr. Bottomley is a rehabilitation consultant for Amedisys Home Health and Hospice, Inc. She practices clinically in the Boston area in homeless shelters and has orchestrated free screening and intervention projects for the homeless elderly of Massachusetts, obtaining federal grants to provide free screening and care for low-income elders in 14 central Massachusetts cities and towns.   

Dr. Bottomley has served on advisory boards for the Office of the Surgeon General and the Office of Women’s Health for the Department of Health and Human Services, and was appointed to a White House Interdisciplinary Medicare Reform Advisory Panel for rehabilitation in home care and long-term care settings. She continues to serve in that capacity.   

Dr. Bottomley is a nationally renowned speaker, author, and educator. She has contributed chapters to many texts, published numerous articles and co-authored a geriatric text, now in its 3rd edition, with Carole B. Lewis entitled Geriatric Rehabilitation: A Clinical Approach published by Prentice Hall Publishers in 2008. She has also edited the Quick Reference Dictionary for Physical Therapy, now in its 2nd edition, published by SLACK, Incorporated in 2004.   

In 2006, MGH Institute of Health Professions recognized Dr. Bottomley with the 2nd annual Most Distinguished Alumni Award. The Massachusetts chapter of the APTA also awarded her the Mary MacDonald Distinguished Service Award in 2008.