Fieldwork Educator’s Guide to Level I Fieldwork

Debra Hanson, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA; Elizabeth DeIuliis, OTD, OTR/L
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Trade Paperback
Publication Date:
December 2022
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7.00 x 10.00 inches

Book Description

A new resource for occupational therapy academic fieldwork coordinators and fieldwork educators, Fieldwork Educator’s Guide to Level I Fieldwork is a practical guide for faculty and clinicians to design and implement Level I fieldwork experiences for occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students.

Fieldwork Educator’s Guide to Level I Fieldwork was designed to address the challenges of integrating Level I fieldwork with classroom learning experiences. Expansive and versatile, the book meets the recently expanded definition of Level I fieldwork according to the 2018 Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education standards, including faculty-led experiences, standardized patients, simulation, and supervision by a fieldwork educator in a practice environment.

Each unit of the text builds upon the previous unit. The first unit provides fundamental knowledge on experiential learning and includes an orientation to the purpose of Level I fieldwork in occupational therapy. Building on this foundation, the second unit equips the reader with resources to develop a Level I fieldwork learning plan suitable for their setting. The final units focus on situational scenarios that emerge during Level I fieldwork placements and provides a framework for assessing student learning during Level I fieldwork. While each chapter is designed to build upon one another, they also can be used as stand-alone resources depending on the needs of the reader.

What is included in Fieldwork Educator’s Guide to Level I Fieldwork:
  • Up-to-date terminology
  • Experiential learning frameworks and models in diverse contexts, including role emerging and simulation
  • Strategies for addressing anxiety and student stress management and supporting students with disabilities
  • Models to support clinical reasoning development during Level I fieldwork
  • Mechanisms to foster student professional development and communication skills 
Be sure to also look into the successive textbook, Fieldwork Educator’s Guide to Level II Fieldwork, which was designed in-tandem with this book to be a progressive resource that exclusively focuses on Level II fieldwork.