Curbside Consultation in Cornea and External Disease: 49 Clinical Questions, Second Edition

David R. Hardten, MD, FACS; Mark S Hansen, MD; Celine Satija, MD
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Trade Paperback
Publication Date:
Summer 2022
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7.00 x 10.00 inches

Book Description

Curbside Consultation in Cornea and External Disease, Second Edition contains new questions and brief, practical, evidence-based answers to the most frequently asked questions that are posed during a “curbside consultation” between clinicians. 

Dr. David R. Hardten and associate editors Drs. Mark S. Hansen and Celine Satija have designed this unique reference in which cornea and external disease specialists offer expert advice, preferences, and opinions on tough clinical questions commonly encountered by corneal specialists, ophthalmologists, or residents. The unique Q&A format provides quick access to current information with the simplicity of a conversation between two colleagues. Numerous images, diagrams, and references are included to enhance the text and illustrate clinical diagnoses and treatment plans. 

Some of the questions that are answered inside the Second Edition include: 
  • I have a patient with Fuchs' Endothelial Dystrophy. Is there anything new to improve her vision?
  • What should I do with a young patient with mild keratoconus?
  • How can I help a 47-year-old female who uses artificial tears 6 times daily and continues to complain of dry eyes?
  • A patient presents with corneal ulcer. What work-up and treatment would you recommend?
  • How do I manage a patient that rubbed their eye just after LASIK? What could go wrong?
  • What can I offer a patient that sustained eye trauma and loss of iris tissue?
  • I have a patient with poor vision after DMEK.  What went wrong and how do I get better vision for them?
Curbside Consultation in Cornea and External Disease: 49 Clinical Questions, Second Edition provides information basic enough for residents while also incorporating expert pearls that even high-volume ophthalmologists will appreciate. Cornea specialists, general ophthalmologists, and residents alike will enjoy the user-friendly and casual format and the expert advice contained within.