Comprehensive Wound Management, Third Edition

Glenn Irion, PhD, PT, CWS; Jennifer A Gardner, PT, DPT, MHA, CWS; Rose Pignataro, PT, DPT, PhD
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Comprehensive Wound Management, Third Edition is back with a timely update providing a comprehensive overview of wounds---from etiology to intervention. 
Featuring more than 300 full-color images, photos, tables, and graphs to aid students in recognizing different types of wounds when performing examination and providing interventions, Comprehensive Wound Management, Third Edition goes beyond the call of duty of a traditional textbook. The book breaks down each of the common wound types, neuropathic, pressure, and vascular, into individual chapters that may be utilized for a holistic approach to learning or as stand-alone reading assignments.
Comprehensive Wound Management, Third Edition also covers classes of interventions, plan of care, documentation, and other administrative concerns such as reimbursement and regulations that must be considered in real-life practice of wound management. A major emphasis is placed on teaching how to perform interventions instead of simply mentioning them in context. 
What’s new to the Third Edition:
  • Updated terminology and other changes recently instituted by the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel
  • Up-to-date information regarding reimbursement and regulations
  • Boxes with summaries of performing examinations and interventions
  • Short-answer questions at the end of each chapter
Instructors in educational settings can also visit for additional instructional resources.
Comprehensive Wound Management, Third Edition proves to be as invaluable a text as its previous editions and remains a must-have resource for physical therapy students and clinicians, certified wound specialists, rehabilitation professionals, and any health care provider who is managing the treatment of wounds.

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About the Authors

Chapter 1    Anatomy and Physiology of Skin
Chapter 2    Normal Healing
Chapter 3    Abnormal Healing
Chapter 4    Nutrition, Medications, and Substance Use
Chapter 5    Infection Control
Chapter 6    Pain Management
Chapter 7    History Taking
Chapter 8    Physical Examination
Chapter 9    Wound Assessment
Chapter 10  Pressure Injuries
Chapter 11  Neuropathic Ulcers
Chapter 12  Vascular Ulcers
Chapter 13  Traumatic and Surgical Wounds
Chapter 14  Burn Injuries
Chapter 15  Wound Bed Preparation
Chapter 16  Selection and Application of Dressings
Chapter 17  Adjunct Interventions and Scar Management
Chapter 18  Special Cases
Chapter 19  Documentation
Chapter 20  Plan of Care
Chapter 21  Regulations and Reimbursement

About the Editors

Glenn L. Irion, PhD, PT, CWS, is a retired Certified Wound Specialist through the American Academy of Wound Management and Professor of Physical Therapy. He has taught integumentary and cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy and basic science for more than 30 years at the University of Central Arkansas and University of South Alabama and retired recently from Emory & Henry College. His clinical practice has included wound management, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and intensive care unit in both hospital and outpatient settings. He received a PhD in physiology at Temple University School of Medicine and furthered his research skills at the Medical College of Virginia (Virginia Commonwealth University) and the University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He is the author of more than 50 research articles and co-editor with his wife Jean of Women’s Health in Physical Therapy.
Jennifer A. Gardner, PT, DPT, MHA, CWS, has been a physical therapist since 1997 and a Certified Wound Specialist through the American Academy of Wound Management since 2001. She is the Clinical Director for Reapplix and its product, 3C Patch. Prior to joining the industry side of wound care, Dr. Gardner managed a wound care center, working with a multidisciplinary team of surgeons and nurses. In addition, she is an adjunct professor at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey, teaching integumentary to doctoral physical therapy students. Dr. Gardner is also one of the founding members of the American Physical Therapy Association Integumentary Specialty Council. She received her master’s in physical therapy from Ithaca College and her doctorate in physical therapy from Temple University as well as her master’s in health care administration from Walden University.
Rose M. Pignataro, PT, DPT, PhD, CWS, CHES, is a Certified Wound Specialist through the American Academy of Wound Management and Certified Health Education Specialist through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. She has been a physical therapist since 1990, with a clinical background in wound prevention and management, cardiopulmonary physical therapy, adult rehabilitation, and home health. Dr. Pignataro has been teaching integumentary physical therapy since 1999. She received a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Hunter College: City University of New York, a master’s degree in health science education and a doctorate of physical therapy from Stony Brook University, and a PhD in public health from West Virginia University. Dr. Pignataro is currently a member of the faculty and the Assistant Chair at Emory & Henry College Department of Physical Therapy. She also serves on the education committee for the American Physical Therapy Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management.