Comprehensive Wound Management, Second Edition

Glenn Irion, PhD, PT, CWS
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Take your wound management and treatment skills to the next level with Comprehensive Wound Management, Second Edition. Both physical therapy students and practicing clinicians of varying wound experience will be well prepared to identify and treat a variety of wounds beyond those covered in traditional textbooks such as pressure, neuropathic, venous, and arterial ulcers. Comprehensive Wound Management, Second Edition by Dr. Glenn Irion is a unique text that covers the spectrum of acute and chronic wounds. This encompassing text includes full color images, as well as chapter discussions on each type of intervention, prevention strategies and administrative concerns that impact the delivery of wound management services. Features: • Full-color images of wound types and interventions • Photographic descriptions of wound management • Line drawings illustrate and reinforce key concepts • Follows the principles of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice • Follows the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health. • Based on the Guide for Integumentary/Wound Management Content in Professional Physical Therapist Education developed by American Physical Therapy Association’s Section on Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management. Along with providing key information on all aspects of wound management, this updated second edition, references the need to not only examine the wound but the patient as well, so that successful clinical judgments and developing effective treatment plans can be made. Everything you wanted to know about wound management: • Normal skin anatomy and physiology • Causes of wounds • Normal and abnormal healing • Clinical decision making • Interventions • Administrative issues that impact wound management practice Comprehensive Wound Management, Second Edition is an invaluable text that should be in the hands of all physical therapy students and clinicians, certified wound specialists, rehabilitation professionals, and any health care provider who is managing the treatment of wounds.

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About the Author

Unit I: Basic Science
Chapter 1 Anatomy and Physiology of Skin
Chapter 2 Normal Wound Healing
Chapter 3 Abnormal Wound Healing
Chapter 4 Nutrition

Unit II: The Patient
Chapter 5 History Taking and Tests and Measures
Chapter 6 Physical Examination

Unit III: The Wound
Chapter 7 Etiologies of Common Wounds
Chapter 8 Assessing Wounds

Unit IV: Interventions
Chapter 9 Infection Control
Chapter 10 Pain Control
Chapter 11 Wound Bed Preparation
Chapter 12 Dressings
Chapter 13 Scar Management
Chapter 14 Adjunct Interventions
Chapter 15 Thermal Injuries
Chapter 16 Special Cases

Unit V: Nonpatient Interventions
Chapter 17 Documentation
Chapter 18 Plan of Care
Chapter 19 Regulations, Reimbursement, Psychosocial Issues

Appendix: Wound Care Resources

About the Editors

 Dr. Irion is certified as a Wound Specialist through the American Academy of Wound Management and is Associate Professor at the University of South Alabama where he teaches integumentary, cardiovascular and pulmonary, and basic physical therapy skills. He practices wound management at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center. The author received a PhD in Physiology at Temple University School of Medicine and furthered his research skills during postdoctoral fellowships at the Medical College of Virginia (Virginia Commonwealth University) and the University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He is the author of more than 40 research articles, and co-editor with his wife, Jean, of Women’s Health in Physical Therapy.