Clinical Skills for the Ophthalmic Examination: Basic Procedures, Second Edition

Lindy Dubois, MEd, MMSc, CO, COMT
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The step-by-step, instructional guide for the most common ophthalmic instruments and procedures has been updated to a second edition. Clinical Skills for the Ophthalmic Examination: Basic Procedures, Second Edition provides details on tests frequently performed in the office and provides instructions on the proper way to perform them.

Lindy DuBois focuses on presenting fundamental instruction in a clear and easy-to-use manual. Essential chapters, such as those on patient history, medications, allergies, and refractive surgery have been updated to offer critical information for the ophthalmic professional.

New to this edition:
An expanded History section with a detailed patient interview to comply with new regulations.
Expanded Interim History section to include patients with low vision.
New sections on Exophthalmometry and A-Scan Biometry.

Make Clinical Skills for the Ophthalmic Examination: Basic Procedures, Second Edition your go-to text for information on the latest procedures and instruments used in the clinic today.

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About the Author
The Study Icons

Chapter 1. Preliminaries: History, Exam Strategy, and Office Drugs
Chapter 2. Visual Acuity
Chapter 3. Lensometry, Transposition, and Geneva Lens Measure
Chapter 4. Keratometry
Chapter 5. Informal Visual Fields
Chapter 6. The Pupil Evaluation
Chapter 7. Interpupillary Distance, Near Point of Accommodation,
and Near Point of Convergence
Chapter 8. The Slit Lamp Exam
Chapter 9. Tonometry
Chapter 10. The Ocular Motility Evaluation
Chapter 11. Ancillary Procedures
Chapter 12. Assisting in Minor Surgery
Chapter 13. Patient Services



"This book fills an important need because there are few books currently available on this subject. The authors have done a commendable job of providing education on the most common procedures and instruments…It is written for everyone from the novice performing basic testing all the way to the most advanced technician collecting information on the pupil and ocular tensions…This second edition book is a big improvement over the first edition in both content and presentation of the procedures. It is an excellent learning guide for all ancillary personnel involved in providing eye care in the clinical setting…For the technician new to the eye care field, this is hands down the best starter book available today."

-Brian D. Marshall, OD, The Laser Center, Doody Reviews

About the Editors

Lindy DuBois is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist (COMT) and certified orthoptist (CO). After college, she worked as a chemist at the University of Florida and then undertook her ophthalmology training there. During this time, she also began work on her master’s degree in health occupations education. Since finishing her training, Ms. DuBois has been on the faculty of ophthalmic technology training programs at the University of Florida in Gainesville, the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and is currently the assistant program director in the master of medical science in ophthalmic technology program at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. She received her MMSc from Emory in 1994. In addition to her teaching duties, she has worked in university clinics as well as private practice and has been the clinical coordinator of numerous clinical research trials. Ms. DuBois has taught numerous courses and presented many papers for professional organizations, academic programs, and community groups. In addition to scientific publications, she has authored or reviewed sections of the home study course published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and chapters in Fundamentals for Ophthalmic Technical Personnel. Ms. DuBois feels fortunate to have found her niche in this, her second, career. She is a cheerleader for the profession—encouraging and supporting entry into and advancement in the world of eyecare.