Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Assessment and Intervention

Susan M. Cahill, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA; Patricia Bowyer, EdD, OTR/L
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Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Assessment and Intervention is designed to provide a comprehensive collection of case studies that reflects the scope of current pediatric occupational therapy practice.
Drs. Susan Cahill and Patricia Bowyer, along with more than 50 contributors, begin each section with an introduction to the practice setting and direct instructors and students to additional resources for more information. The text includes more than 40 cases that include client overviews, relevant history and background information; information regarding the analysis of occupational performance; information about progress in treatment; and questions to promote the development and refinement of clinical reasoning skills.
Cases are presented from various practice settings, including:
  • The neonatal intensive care unit
  • Early intervention
  • School systems
  • Outpatient services
  • Hospital-based settings
  • Mental health settings
  • Community settings
Each case included in Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy is written by professionals with first-hand experience working with pediatric clients from the specific practice setting, and it aligns with the occupational therapy process represented in the AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, Third Edition. In addition, supplemental information, photographs, and video clips help to bring the cases to life.
Instructors in educational settings can visit for additional materials to be used in the classroom.
Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy will guide occupational therapy students, faculty, and practitioners through effective clinical decision making during the selection of assessment procedures and the development of client-centered and context-specific intervention plans.

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About the Editors 
Contributing Authors 

Chapter 1 The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  
    Jaylene: Prematurity/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  
    Jennifer J. Hofherr, MS, OTR/L, C/NDT 
    Maya: Premature Infant/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  
    Maureen Connors Lenke, OTR/L 
    Sam: Premature Infant/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
    Maureen Connors Lenke, OTR/L 
    Marco: Premature Infant/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
    Mary J. Greer, MOT 
    Pablo: Premature Infant/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  
    Sonia F. Kay, PhD, OTR/L and Marvieann Garcia-Rodriguez, MHS, BHS, OTR

Chapter 2 Introduction to Early Intervention  
    Royce: Developmental Delay/Early Intervention  
    Ashley Stoffel, OTD, OTR/L and M. Veronica Llerena, MS, OTR/L 
    Catherine: Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum/Early Intervention Transition  
    Deborah K. Anderson, PT, MS, PCS 
    Tommy: Sensory Dysmodulation and Dyspraxia/Early Intervention  
    Kimberly Bryze, PhD, OTR/L and Roberta K. O’Shea, PT, DPT, PhD 
    Cooper: Developmental Delay/Early Intervention  
    Susan M. Cahill, PhD, OTR/L 
    Ricky: Developmental Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder/Early Intervention 
    Robin Elaine Fogerty, OTD, OTR/L; Thelma Haydee Montemayor, MOTS; and Patricia Bowyer, EdD, MS, OTR, FAOTA

Chapter 3 Introduction to School Systems  
    Denny: Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/School Systems  
    Meghan Suman, MS, OTR/L, BCP 
    Donovan: Emotional Disturbance/Middle School  
    Heather Roberts, MHA, OTR/L 
    Serena: At Risk for Learning and Social Emotional Disabilities/School Systems 
    Susan M. Cahill, PhD, OTR/L 
    Kendra: Cerebral Palsy  
    Robin Elaine Fogerty, OTD, OTR/L; Meagan E. Wisniewski, BS; and Patricia Bowyer, EdD, MS, OTR, FAOTA 
    Wilson: Learning Disability/School Systems  
    Susan M. Cahill, PhD, OTR/L 
    Johanna: Cerebral Palsy/School Systems  
    Susan M. Cahill, PhD, OTR/L 
    April: Autism/Private Separate Day School  
    Wanda Mahoney, PhD, OTR/L 
    Abby: Down Syndrome/School Systems  
    Mickenzie Wilson, OTS; Jennifer Clone, OTS; and Agnieszka Moroni, OTS 
    Gina: Cerebral Palsy/School Systems  
    Minetta Wallingford, DrOT, OTR/L 
    Jefferson Union High School District: Sexuality and Dating Skills Training/School Systems  
    Joanna Swanton, MS, OTR/L 
    Ozzy: Childhood Trauma With Neuromotor Sequelae  
    Kimberly Bryze, PhD, OTR/L

Chapter 4 Introduction to Outpatient Services  
    Conrad: Sensory Processing Disorder, Fine- and Gross-Motor Delay/Outpatient Clinic  
    Erin Anderson, OTR/L; Michelle Bednarek, MS, OTR/L; and Melissa Williamson, OTR/L 
    Jacob: Sensory Processing Disorder/Outpatient Clinic 
    Dana Pais, OTD, OTR/L 
    Brad: Brain Tumor/Outpatient  
    Kendall Carithers, OTR and Lauro A. Munoz, OTR, MOT, CHC 
    Nadir: Motor Disorder/Outpatient Rehabilitation 
    Carly Thom, MA, OTR/L 
    Renee: CHARGE Syndrome/Outpatient  
    Leon Washington, OTR, PhD, LMSW, C/NDT 
    Finn: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Feeding Concerns 
    Kristin Winston, PhD, OTR/L

Chapter 5 Introduction to Hospital-Based Settings  
    Alexa: Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury/Inpatient Rehabilitation  
    Sara Clark, MS, OTR/L and Jennifer Schmidt, OTR/L 
    Jenna: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Hand Therapy  
    Susanne Higgins, MHS, OTR/L, CHT and Jennifer Bobo, MOT, OTR/L, CHT 
    Jonathon: Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury/Rehabilitation  
    Gail A. Poskey, PhD, OTR 
    Martha: Spina Bifida/Hospital Clinic  
    Rachel Galant, MS, OTR/L 
    Liam: Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Septic Shock, Cardiac Myopathy/Oncology 
    Lisa Robken, OTR 
    Robby: Feeding Disorder/Hospital-Based Feeding Clinic  
    Patricia W. Ideran, OTR/L, CEIM and Jennifer L. Zieman, MOTR/L, CEIM 
    Lyrik: Amyoplasia Multiplex Congenita/Outpatient 
    Angela R. Shierk, PhD, OTR 
    Jane: Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury/Inpatient Rehabilitation  
    Elizabeth Kohler-Rausch, OTR/L

Chapter 6 Introduction to Mental Health Settings  
    Abigail: Aggression/Inpatient Psychiatric Unit 
    Lisa Mahaffey, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA 
    Tiffany: Pediatric Depression/Community-Based Mental Health  
    Brad E. Egan, OTD, MA, OTR/L and Eric Howard, COTA/L 
    Sophia: Early Intervention/Infant Mental Health 1
    Kris Pizur-Barnekow, PhD, OTR/L; Jennifer Nash, PhD, OTR/L; Susan Wendel, MS, OTR/L; and Molly Chopper 
    William: Bipolar Disorder/School  
    Sally W. Schultz, PhD, OTR, LPC 
    James: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/Inpatient Psychiatry  
    Ann Aviles de Bradley, PhD, OTR/L 
    Emma: Anxiety Disorder/Inpatient  
    Kristin Winston, PhD, OTR/L and Jamie Harmon, MS, OTR/L

Chapter 7 Introduction to Community Settings 
    Michael: Anoxic Brain Injury/Hippotherapy 
    Monica Griffin, OTD, OTR/L, C/NDT 
    Opening Doors/Community Organization 
    Brittany Diasio, MOT, OTR/L; Brooke Nicole Dudley, MOT, OTR/L; Brianne N. Heiland, MOT, OTR/L; Elizabeth Kohler-Rausch, OTR/L; and Kiley Rich, MOT, OTR/L 
    Ivan: Status Post Burns and Left Lower Extremity Amputation/Village in Ecuador  
    Mark Kovic, OTD, OTR/L 
    La Fuente: Community-Based Parent Education and Advocacy Training in Special Education 
    Cindy DeRuiter, OTD, OTR/L 
    Carlos: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy/Hospice  
    Wanda Mahoney, PhD, OTR/L

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About the Editors

Susan M. Cahill, PhD, OTR/L completed her entry-level occupational therapy education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois, and a PhD in Special Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Cahill has 17 years of experience as an occupational therapist, working primarily in pediatrics and the school systems. Her professional roles have included school administration, leadership of faculty, and implementation and evaluation of school-wide programs. Her research interests include supporting the occupational performance of children who are at-risk for learning and social emotional disabilities at school. Dr. Cahill is the author of many journal articles and chapters focused on pediatric occupational therapy practice and the co-author of another pediatric text. She has presented at local and national conferences and consults with many school districts.
Patricia Bowyer, EdD, MS, OTR, FAOTA is Associate Director and Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy-Houston, Institute of Health Sciences, Texas Woman’s University, the Texas Medical Center. Dr. Bowyer’s interests focus on increasing levels of life participation for children and youth with disabilities through the development of theory-based assessments and interventions. Dr. Bowyer is the primary developer of the Short Child Occupational Profile (SCOPE). Dr. Bowyer’s research applies qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Dr. Bowyer has 13 years of experience working with children and youth with disabilities. She has worked in school settings, home health, community based centers, and private practice. She received a certificate and Masters in Occupational Therapy from Eastern Kentucky University and a doctorate from East Tennessee State University. Dr. Bowyer was a postdoctoral research associate at Johns Hopkins University and a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Department of Occupational Therapy (NIDRR ARRT Grant, PI Dr. Gary Kielhofner).